Join Our PISL Team!

Join Our PISL Team!

PISL is growing an organization and trying to deliver quality service. We want to grow with the core team. For the reasons, we look for new volunteers to help us.

PISL organize currently Basketball and Football and there is a plan to grow in this environment. 

For the purpose of developing our service and provide a better environment, we need more skilled people to work with us.

We look for: 

  • Graphic 
  • Video Editor - Co-work
  • Web Developer - Co-work
  • Content Writer
  • Students for Organizations
  • EU funding Specialist 


We Offer:

  • Multi-cultural environment
  • business networking
  • Sport and Fun
  • Experience with Organizational Steps.
  • Big potential of the Idea, and application of the ideas.

Please contact us if you have questions and interest. 


Best Regards,