Looking for EU Project Expert

Looking for EU Project Expert

Polish International Sports Leagues looks for EU Projects Expert.

If you are interested,

 - Friendly and international Environment

 - Like to create a business idea and run 

 - Feel to add value to society

 - Following latest funding projects within the EU


Polish International Sports Leagues(PISL) is a company which creates the Multi-cultural and international environment with different sports leagues in Warsaw/Poland for 2 years. PISL open to apply different ideas, care about social connection and adding value to society. 


 - Polish International Basketball Leagues(PIBL)

 - Polish International Football Leagues(PIFL)

 - International Festival of Warsaw 

Three brands are the main streams of PISL. PISL wants to improve and increase the possibility of networking within the organization and reach more people within Poland

Desired Qualifications and Experience

 - EU Projects 

 - Project documentation

 - Project Management

 - Sports, International Environment, Multi-Cultural Environment

 - New Idea creation and develop the business

 - English and other languages

We offer

  • Project-based agreements
  • Friendly and international environment
  • self-time management 

EU Project Expert
Primary Location
Warsaw - Poland