Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations





Behaves besides of these 3 main concepts will not be tolerated in PIBL.



1) The competition is organized by PISL(Polish International Sports Leagues) Company with the help of Sport and Fun event company.

2) The games are designed for who loves basketball. 

Each team will play 8 games in regular season. Play-offs will be played by the teams who had success during 8 games.*
After this stage, the last team in a standing will drop away.

All-Star Game will be played before playoffs start (best players will be chosen by PIBL administrator).

Then playoffs will be played: (quarterfinals, semifinals and final).
We will play in pairs 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5. Winners will play with winners and losers will finsh the season.
Three top teams at the end of the season will receive prizes.

3) PIBL competitions seasons will be held in the sports hall at ul. Polna 7a in Warsaw on Saturdays 18:30 - 20:00 or Sundays from 13:00 - 18:30.*

4) Only registered players in the league can participate in the PIBL

5) A registered team is obliged to pay the cost of participation as is shown below.

Teams with Sponsor - Player pays the only license for season 150 PLN
+ Team Jersey cost 100-150 PLN
Sponsor cost for a whole season - 4200 PLN *Sponsorship offer in a separate presentation

Teams without Sponsors have to pay 4200 PLN
(cost divided between the players/ average 350 PLN per player)
+ Team Jersey cost 100-150 PLN

If you participate Individually please transfer the registration fee (150 PLN),
If you participate as a team please transfer the registration fee (2100 PLN) to below account

*The rest of the money must be paid after the first schedule announced (before the first game of the season).

PISL Bank Account
Polish International Sports Leagues Sp. z o.o
Marymoncka 69A/14
01-802 Warszawa
Bank: mBank
IBAN: 23 1140 2004 0000 3802 7742 3631
Title : [Team Name/ Player's full name - Season number] (ex: Poland / Jan Kowalski - PIBL vol.4)

Description : [email/ phone number]

6) Individual participating in the PIBL agrees to use his characters in promotional materials and on the PIBL website.

7) Participants of PIBL take part on its own responsibility and will not make any claims to the league organizer in case of an injury.

8) The organizers of the league determine the dates and times of the games.

9) The Organizer reserves the right to create teams of individuals declared individually.

10) The player during the PIBL season can play in only one team.

11) All participants of PIBL are obliged to follow fair play rules, vulgar and dangerous behavior which may expose other players to injuries are not allowed.

  • In case of any action against the rules, PISL has right to send an official warning to the player. 
  • If it is a repeated action, the organizer has a right to disqualify the player from the league without any responsibility against the player.

12) Players are required to respect the decisions of the judges and the organizers of the PIBL

13) The team should consist the minimum of eight, and the maximum of fourteen players, including the captain of a team.

14) A player can play in playoffs when he plays in at least 3 regular season games, this rule valid for the players who are not registered from the beginning of the league.

15) The team is obliged to play in uniforms with well visible shirt numbers (front and back) during matches.

16) Every team’s game, result, and score will be available on League’s website or Social media of PIBL.

17) PIBL has the following score:

Match won – 2 points, lose – 1 point, walk over – 0 points.

19) Throughout the competition period, the team classification will be conducted according to the applicable scoring (point 17 of the Rules).

20) Players entered into PIBL are obliged to observe the rules.


  1. The team who is starting to play in PIBL (first season) has to consist at least 2 players from one nation, to call itself a national name.
  2. Free Agent players will be drafted before every season and can join a team during the season too.
  3. Nation Priority Draft” rule says, that captain/ coach of the national team has to draw at least one player from team’s nation (if available in a draft) to pick another nationality players.
  4. Nation player is “reserved” for his national team until the end of the draft. He can be picked/ be chosen to another team on national team’s captain’s/ coach’s permission. This rule is named “Non-nation Deal“. After Draft, he can join any team he wants.
  5. After one season all “non-nation” players from all national teams have to join a Draft. The organizer can also permit players to stay in the previous team.
  6. Players who don’t have their national team to play in PIBL can also join mix teams: Europe or World (by joining draft training set up by the organizer)
  7. To join national team player has to contact team’s captain/ coach and/ or join preseason draft conducted by the organizer.


  1. Draft day will be held before every PIBL edition
  2. The draft is open to all players
  3. During the draft, there will be basketball challenges and pick-up games
  4. Players will be observed by all captains/ coaches who want to participate in a Draft
  5. Players will be picked by captains/ coaches at the end of the Draft
  6. Teams will choose players in order: last team of last season – 1st, second last team of last season – 2nd, and so on.


1) PIBL meets the rules of the International Basketball Federation – FIBA

With the following changes:

Playing time in 1st and 2nd quarters – 2 X 12 minutes continuous play time, no stopping time;

4th and 3rd quarter – 2 X 12 minutes time will be stopped when there is a player change or some other reasons to stop the game.

Each overtime is 2 minutes counted according to the FIBA rules;

Each team has three 30-second timeouts on request

– one timeout in the first and two in the second half (+ one in the extra time);

Any player on the court, bench player or coach can take a timeout;

In the game the time is 24 seconds are announced by court referee;

2)  Each team will play a total of 8-11 meetings in PIBL season (During the first phase of the season every team will play against every team (8 games) then playoffs will be played (3 games each team). There will be free stages of playoffs (quarterfinal, semifinal and final). We will play in pairs 1-8, 2-7, 3-6 and 4-5. Winners will play with winners and losers with losers (every team will play 3 games).

3) After all the matches, the top three teams will be rewarded